KidBehindACamera Phone Number, Social Media, and Contact Details

KidBehindACamera, a well-known content creator, YouTuber, and videographer, has carved his path in the digital world since 2007. Starting his journey at the age of twenty, KidBehindACamera’s rise to fame began by capturing his father’s, the famous Angry Grandpa, reactions during Christmas.

With a captivating presence on various online platforms, KidBehindACamera has amassed immense fame and recognition, leading to a substantial net worth. Let’s dive into the details of KidBehindACamera’s world, including contact information, social media presence, and more.

Quick Facts

Full NameMichael Brian Green
Birth Date and AgeBorn on June 2, 1987 54
Online NamesKidBehindACamera, Lyricoldrap, Pickleboy
OccupationAmerican YouTube personality, vlogger, and prankster
Notable CreationCreator of TheAngryGrandpaShow, which ran for over seven years
Musical Alias“Lyricold”
MotherTina Maria Sharp (born: January 4, 1964 54)
FatherCharles Marvin Green Jr. † (born: October 16, 1950 – December 10, 2017 [aged: 67])
SiblingsCharlie, Jennifer, Kimberly
Pregnancy Announcement DateMarch 19, 2019
Birth Date of the ChildNovember 1, 2019
Weight StrugglesGained weight after father’s death, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
Weight Loss and RegainAttempted weight loss, regained weight

Unveiling KidBehindACamera’s Contact Details

Real Name and Nicknames

The real name of KidBehindACamera is Michael Brian Green. He is also recognized by his nicknames, including Pickleboy, KidBehindACamera, and Lyricoldrap.

Phone Numbers

While the 2023 estimates suggest that KidBehindACamera’s phone number is +1(812)-689-NNNN, it’s important to note that this number is unverified. Given his popularity, KidBehindACamera’s availability for direct calls might be limited. Therefore, exploring alternative ways to connect with him is recommended.


KidBehindACamera’s residence is located in North Charleston, South Carolina, United States of America.


KidBehindACamera’s mother is Tina, and his father was Charles Marvin Green Jr., who has sadly passed away. He has three siblings named Jennifer, Kim, and Charlie.

Email and Social Media

While KidBehindACamera’s email ID is not available, you can connect with him through his active presence on various social media platforms:

  • Facebook: KidBehindACamera
  • Twitter: @KidBehindACamera
  • Instagram: kidbehindacamera
  • YouTube Channel: KidBehindACamera

KidBehindACamera: The Journey of a YouTube Star

Early Beginnings

Born on June 2, 1987, Michael Brian Green, popularly known as KidBehindACamera, embarked on his journey as an American YouTuber in 2007. Collaborating with individuals like Micheal Green, Bridgette West, and Charles Marvin Green Jr., he quickly gained recognition by sharing his daily life experiences through engaging videos.

The Rise to Fame

KidBehindACamera’s YouTube channel, particularly “The AngryGrandpaShow,” played a pivotal role in elevating his fame. With captivating content and a considerable fan base, he earned his place among the most influential YouTube content creators.

Challenges and Changes

After the passing of Angry Grandpa, fans noticed a decline in the quality of “The AngryGrandpaShow.” Misleading content and negative viewer engagement contributed to this decline.

FAQs: Your Queries Answered

1. How to Contact KidBehindACamera?

While the latest estimates indicate KidBehindACamera’s phone number as +1(812)-689-NNNN, its verification remains uncertain. Given his popularity, direct calls might be challenging. Exploring KidBehindACamera’s contact details and social media presence is a more viable option.

2. What Is KidBehindACamera’s Phone Number?

The most recent estimates suggest that KidBehindACamera’s phone number is +1(812)-689-NNNN.

3. What Is KidBehindACamera’s Email?

KidBehindACamera’s email ID is not available at the moment.

4. What Is KidBehindACamera’s Real Phone Number?

As of 2023 estimates, KidBehindACamera’s phone number is +1(812)-689-NNNN. However, the YouTuber’s real phone number might not be disclosed due to privacy concerns.

5. Where Does KidBehindACamera Live?

KidBehindACamera currently resides in North Charleston, South Carolina, with his fiancé and children. He previously lived in a trailer house with Bridgette until 2015, when they moved into their new home.


As we continue to uncover more about KidBehindACamera and his real phone number, we aim to facilitate seamless connections between the YouTuber and his fans. Stay tuned for updates on various social media stars and YouTube sensations who continue to capture our attention on digital platforms.

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