Do Walnuts Expire?

Using expired walnuts will not make you sick, as with other nuts. However, walnuts that have gone beyond their best quality aren’t recommended for people who suffer from gastrosism. People with sensitive stomachs may be irritated by eating walnuts that aren’t fresh.

To check the kernel’s quality, soak the nuts in a pail of water. Good quality nuts sink to the bottom, while poor quality nuts float to the top and should be avoided.

Place the nuts in a bucket of water. Nuts that sink to the ground are good, but nuts that float indicate that insects have gotten to the nutmeat inside, which is why it is light enough to float. Any floating walnuts should be eliminated.

Do walnuts really expire?

When exposed to warm temperatures for long periods of time, walnuts turn rancid. Walnuts’ fat is able to change shape as a result of heat, which gives off odors and flavors. Fresh walnuts smell mildly nutty and taste sweet. If your walnuts smell like paint thinner, you know they’re rancid.

If walnuts are still in their shell, you can expect them to last at least 12 months. Most walnuts will fail after the best by date on the packet, but some will retain their freshness if stored properly. Since the expiration date has passed, it is not necessary to throw them away.

How long do bagged shelled walnuts last?

Shelled walnuts don’t last as long, but they should last at least three months in the pantry and a year in the fridge.

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