Is There A Shortage Of Brazil Nuts 2021?

REUS/SUCRE. For the Brazil nut season 2021/22, the INC expects a global decline of 17.5%. Only one of the world’s most important exporting countries can keep its production rate at a steady level.

The Bolivian rainforests have revealed that the Brazil Nut crop this year has declined by 60 – 70%, owing to El Nino. Bolivia supplies about half of the world’s supply, and reports state that the pods are empty.

Are Brazil nuts seasonal?

Collectors harvest brazil nuts during the wet season (January-March), when the bulk of the trees’ fruit has fallen to the ground.

Where do Brazil Nuts come from? Brazil nuts are naturally found in Brazil, where they thrive in the Amazon Rainforest’s temperate climate. They are also common in other South American countries, such as Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and Bolivia, because the Amazon does not have boundaries.

Amazon nuts (Bertholletia excelsa), also known as Brazil nuts, are the fruit of a tree species native to the higher elevations of the Amazon rainforest. They are most commonly found in Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil.

Alexander von Humboldt and Aime Bonpland discovered the Brazil nut on the Orinoco River in Venezuela and named it Bertholletia excelsa in 1808. The name excelsa refers to the majestic growth pattern of the tree, which honors a well-known French chemist and colleague of Humboldt.

The ALDI SOUTH Group has identified nut production chains as a high-priority area. In the ALDI SOUTH Group’s countries, eleven nut species are grown, with Brazil nuts, cashews, and hazelnuts being of particular importance.

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