What To Look For When Buying Pistachios – How can you tell if pistachios are fresh?

When selecting pistachio nuts in their shells, always look for nuts that are split open at one end. If the pistachios you’re buying are completely closed, it could be a sign of immaturity, and the nut inside could be bitter and bland.

Do pistachios contain mold?

A. flavus and A. niger damage 30.97 million tons of greasy products, especially peanuts and pistachios, in some Asian and African countries (1). A fungal infestation occurs during or after harvesting, storage, and transition (14).

Should you eat pistachio skin?

The skin is edible, but it is often removed for appearances when using pistachios in recipes. To remove pistachio skins, first remove the nuts from the shells. Cover the nuts with boiling water and let them sit for two minutes. Drain the water and place the nuts in a dish towel.

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