Why Are There No Pecans This Year – Why are there no pecans?

Inadequate fertilization leads to alternate pecan production (on and off years). When trees plant a large nut crop and there are not enough nutrients for the nuts to mature and for the tree to store enough plant food production, the next year will be low.

Why are there no pecans?

Since pecans are only wind-pollinated, excessive rainfall during the spring bloom prevents pollination, as mentioned earlier, and the poorly pollinated flowers produce small nuts that then abort. Three other factors that can result in a premature nut drop include insect pest damage, disease risk, and drought.

Do pecan trees have nuts every year?

Disease stress reduces the tree’s vigor and affects nut quantity and quality. Pecan trees are also known as alternate bearing trees, which means they are only able to produce a reliable crop every other year.

What fertilizer is best for pecan trees?

In April, apply all of the 13-13-13 fertilizer and zinc to younger trees. In April, apply half the 34-0-0 formula and the remaining in June.” Pecan trees’ optimal pH range is 6.0 to 6.5. The best way to determine the pH of the soil and how much lime to apply is by a soil test.

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