What Are The Best Pecans To Eat?

Georgia is well-known for its toothsome cultivars, including the Stuart (top left). The Stuart is the quintessential pecan, with its large striped brown shell and its plump straw-colored kernel: nutty, sweet, and crunchy.

What type of tree produces pecans?

ickoryCarya illinoinensis is a species of hickory native to the southern United States and northern Mexico along the Mississippi River.

What are the different names of pecans?

The most popular are Stuart, Desirable, Moreland, Cape Fear, and native plants. Pecans are pecans when it comes to flavor; the key differences are the size of the nut and the taste (some are bitterer than others).

State Pecan Production The most popular native and seedling varieties are grown in Oklahoma and Texas. Based on total usage, Georgia, New Mexico, and Texas are the top three states.

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